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At Sonic Idols we tell stories with sounds because we believe that beauty has an impact on our lives and we create reality.

Video Game

The sound in games is designed to emphasize visual effects, emotions and interactivity. It is important that music is an element accompanying the environment in the game in the best possible way so as to provide players with the right stimulus.

We create adaptive audio (Wwise, FMOD), music, sound design and SFX. 

Sound Design

Explosions, creatures, weapons, engines, UI, footsteps, foley, ambiences, walla, bleeps, bloops, and all manner of sounds. We’ll make your project come to life.


We combine sound with specific emotions that the product is supposed to evoke. To attract the customer’s attention – it is to create music that harmonizes with the product and creates its harmonious complement. By meeting these conditions, we can help achieve the goal of the spot, which is to increase sales of the advertised product.

Original Music

Rock, Orchestral, Electronic, Ethnic, Jazz, Pop, and beyond. With our team of amazing composers, we’re sure to have the perfect match for your project.



is an increasingly popular form. We create a cutting edge soundtrack and background music that will not remain indifferent to recipients.


Music in the film creates an atmosphere, guides the viewer, emphasizes what is important, exposes moments of terror, sets the tempo, moves, but above all, in a very refined way, builds an emotional bond with the viewer.


Movie Trailers

Trailers are aimed at completing, supporting and integrating sales, We create everything from climatic jazz arrangement through industrial sound to full symphonic and hybrid orchestral scores.

Brand Spaces

Inspirational and positive. Soundscapes and music that strengthens and complements the professional image of the company. It works in physical spaces, multimedia presentations, training and educational films, as well as in reports on events and conferences.

Event Sound

public speeches, galas, conferences, awards, product presentations. Music complements any professionally organized event, gives it rhythm and creates atmosphere. We create music from scratch, so you have the full right to play it publicly.

Dialogue, Voice Over

Voice casting, direction, recording, and editing. We’ll find the best actors for your project and handle all aspects of VO production from start to finish.

Brand Sound DNA

Refers to the consistent use of specific, original sounds and music in every aspect of the company’s operations to strengthen the brand’s identity. 

The brand’s sound DNA includes: sound logo, theme, custom soundtrack, soundscapes, brand voice.

Currently, consumers are experiencing supersaturation with visual stimuli at every step. For this reason, they are beginning to suppress this excess of visual stimulation provided by many media channels. Therefore, competitive advantage is in the hands of those who use a multi-sensory approach. Not only to attract the consumer’s attention, but also to position and emphasize the role and place of the brand in the customer’s life. Everything you do must match the value of your brand.

Sound Logo

is a process of brand communication using sound elements.

Audio Logo is a sound that in a characteristic way represents the identity and values of the brand. It is most often used to revive the logo by connecting it with the sound logo. This is one of the elements of the brand’s long-term rooting in the minds of recipients – audio identity is created for years and directly affects the increase of audience engagement.

The appropriate sound logo is a clear and effective trademark of the brand, expressing its personality.

Sound Interfaces

each day they allow you to expand the basic functions of mobile devices. They also require appropriate sound elements. 

sound user interface helps user navigate the functions and interact with it.

Our profession is focused on client's all-encompassing audio experience with particular brand, composing coherent musical ecosystem for each brand.