video game cinematic sfx

"Chernobyl Liquidators Simulator" (Live Motion Games)

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Sound of Julia Kukiz collection

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film music

"G&G Future of Airsoft" (Flying Carpet)

The film received the first prize in the Greatest Glory competition organized by G&G Armament in the Best Video Award category.

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"Quarantine", dir. Tomasz Kempski (By People Agency

The film was selected for the main competition of the Quarantine Film Festival in New York. In May, the film was also appreciated in Poland, where it participates in the Kino 2020 TVN Fabuła festival.


"Tytani" - board game

The advertising campaign with the music of Sonic Idols turned out to be a huge success and the creators of the game raised PLN 386 674 from fans to create it.

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music for

video games

It is important that music is an element accompanying the environment in the game in the best possible way so as to provide players with as many additional stimuli as possible.

audio implementation

how we work

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We prepare sounds in middleware tools such as Fmod, Wwise, and we also support implementation in Unity, and Unreal Engine.

Miedziopolis won the title of the Best Browser Game at the Miedźjam game jam 2021 competition (Miedź – Copper). It’s multiplayer game inspired by old retro arcade machine’s games but with modern twist. The game was created in cooperation with Katarzyna Klas, Barbara Okrasa and Wojciech Pietrowski. 

Deadly slayer is a game about immortal protagonist which have been exiled to the Hades abyss. Our protagonist want to get back his own primary body, but firstly he have to overthrow the gods in Hades abyss. His only weapon to oppose them is a bow, but with limited amount of arrows.

Help him to go through whole void and kill anyone on the way who stands in the way to his desired purpose.



Our task is to attract the customer’s attention, i.e. create such music that harmonizes with the product and creates its harmonious complement.

Customers reviews

Cooperation at the highest level, great contact and a sense of musical taste. I recommend Sonic Idols to cooperate in creating film music.
Piotr Marcjasz
Flying Carpet Studio -Director
Cooperation with Sonic Idols went really well. They are flexible, creative and solid in what they do. I would recommend!
Łukasz Woźniak
Go On Board - Game designer
As a board member of Collegium Wratislaviense, I recommend working with Sonic Idols. We are very pleased with the cooperation. We needed film music and we got it. What captivated us is the sense of the subject and understanding of our needs, efficient contact, timeliness and great material!
Damian Godlewski
Członek zarządu Collegium Wratislaviense
Sonic Idols has created music for the needs of the Foundation for Somalia. Music has become a soundtrack for our events. We recommend Sonic Idols as a reliable partner providing sound identification services at a very high level.
Elmi Abdi
Fundacja Dla Somalii - Vice prezes
Excellent cooperation, they perfectly understand the needs of the customer. Timeliness, quality understanding. I highly recommend.
Błażej Kolański
Game designer of Craneo
Sonic Idols created music for the film as an element of sound identification for our company's promotional spot. We are very pleased with the cooperation with Sonic Idols, which fully met our expectations and we strongly recommend it to other companies.
Michał Aibin
Prezes Zarządu Instytutu Innowacyjnej Edukacji

Very good contact and commitment accompanied us throughout the cooperation. I recommend working with Sonic Idols to other companies and institutions as a reliable partner creating music for video production at a very high level.

Tomasz Kempski

producer , by people agency

The cooperation went perfectly, I'm surprised that we were able to finish the project so quickly. Record-breaking little time has passed from concept to implementation, I wish you such cooperation!
Kuba Karaś
Pan Kubaka - YouTube channel

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